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Reserve Toilet Paper Organizers

Toilet Paper Holder
You would be surprised at the many options are available when it comes to organizing your reserve toilet paper supply.

Most people don’t want to let extra rolls just sit around taking up precious bathroom counter space, yet it is obviously important to have extra rolls handy for family and guests when it is needed.

Luckily, these toilet paper holder options are creative, pretty and make extra rolls easily accessible. You can choose from attractive, yet serviceable open toilet paper stands, closed holders that match bathroom décor, toilet paper shelves that can fit easily on any unused wall, wicker or canvas baskets displayed on shelves, on bathroom storage units, in closets or under your bathroom sink or whimsical toilet paper stands that are both funny and functional.

Open Toilet Paper Stands

Extra Toilet Paper Holder

Open Toilet Paper Stands can be both pretty and useful. They keep extra reserve toilet paper handy and easy for guests to finds while also looking neat and orderly.

There are a couple of different designs that you can choose from and most of them are pretty inexpensive.

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Covered Toilet Paper Stand – Toilet Paper Reserve Holders

Metal Toilet Paper Canister - Toilet Paper Holder

Another option when it comes to organizing toilet paper are these covered holders. These too come in many different designs so you are sure to find the one that blends with your bathroom décor.

These toilet paper stand/holders can usually hold anywhere from 3 to 5 extra rolls saving up precious closet space

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Over the Tank Toilet Paper Holders, Organizers and Reserve Holders

Over the Tank Toile Paper Holders

If lack of space is an issue, these toilet paper organizers are the perfect solution. They fit right over the tank for easy access as well as storage.

Some of these options even come with an added magazine rack to keep reading materials neat and tidy.

An added benefit is that most of these are pretty inexpensive as well.

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Toilet Paper Shelves

Shelves to hold toilet paper with magazine holder

Here is an option you might not have though of: Toilet Paper Shelves. While some of the shelves listed below are made specifically for reserve toilet paper supplies, you can very easily use or make your own.

Any shelf or box cubby can hold extra rolls providing easy storage while also filling in empty wall space. Easy for family and guests to see and get to, while keeping your bathroom looking neat and attractive at the same time.

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Wicker Baskets, Canvas Baskets and Wicker Toilet Paper Holders

wicker baskets and canvas baskets to hold extra toilet paper

Wicker Baskets are an awesome way to organize reserve toilet paper while making your bathroom look pretty at the same time.

These type of baskets can be displayed on shelves or wall units with the extra rolls tucked inside. They even work well in bathroom closets, hallway closets or even under your bathroom sink. The pretty basket is what stands out, instead of the toilet paper, yet guests and family can find it easily.

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Funny and Whimsical Toilet Paper Holders

funny and unique toilet paper holder

These Toilet Paper holders are simply entertaining and will definitely have your guests talking.

Not only do theses stands hold a current roll of toilet paper, but many of them also have places to keep a few extra rolls as well.

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Other Unique Toilet Paper Holders

Unique and Different Toilet Paper Holders

Here are even more options when it comes to storing extra toilet paper. There are single dispensers that can hold one extra roll that you can keep on your counter and there are also over the door toilet paper holders that slip right onto the door under your sink for quick and easy access. Other ideas include smaller wicker boxes that can hold 2 or 3 rolls that you can keep right on the back of your bowl or on a shelf or counter.

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