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Blow Dryer Holders and Blow Dryer Organizers

Blow Dryer Organziers - Blow Dryer, Curling Iron and Flat Iron Holders
When it comes to organizing your bathroom or bedroom one of the single most important items you can have is a Blow Dryer Holder or Organizer. No more wires getting tangled all over the place, no more waiting or your hair styling products to cool down before you can put them away, and no more digging under your sink or in your drawers to find your dryer.

These blow dryer holders come in many different styles so you are sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

You can choose a wall mount blow dryer holder or a blow dryer organizer that hangs directly over or mounts to your bathroom cabinet door. There are holders you can place on the counter and there are even multi-purpose holders that will hold your curling iron and flat iron as well.

Blow Dryer Holder – Wall Mount Blow Dryer Holders

great selection of wall mounted blow dryer holders

Wall mounted blow dryer holders are easy to use, easy to install and very affordable. Made of metal to handle the heat of your dryer, then can easily be hung anywhere you need easy access to your blow dryer. They work well to hold your dryer while styling your hair and you do not have to wait for your blow dryer to cool before being able to put it away when you are finished.

What a pleasure having your dryer at arms reach, ready to go, whenever you need it.

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Blow Dryer Holder Cabinet Door Holders

blow dryer holders that hang over or mount to the cabinet door

If you prefer to have your hair care equipment tucked away when not in use, yet still have easy access when you need them, these under-the-cabinet blow dryer organizers work perfectly.

You can choose one that simply hangs over the cabinet door or one that mounts directly to the door. Not only do they keep your items neatly organized, but they are also great space savers and can hold your flat iron and curling irons safely as well.

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Blow Dryer – Curling Iron – Flat Iron Combination Holders

Blow Dyer organizers that hold your flat iron and curling iron. Blow Dryer and Curling Iron Holder

These combination organizers are a perfect way to keep all of your hair care equipment neat, organized and handy. They hold your blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron and some even have extra room for hair clips, rubber bands and other small hair accessories.

These can be mounted on bathroom or bedroom walls, under the bathroom cabinet, or even displayed on your counter top allowing you easy access while keeping your area neat and tidy at the same time. Most of these are also heat resistant, so you do not need to wait for your equipment to cool down before you put them away.

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Blow Dryer Hands Free Holder Stand

Blow Dryer Stands to leave hands free when drying hair - counter blow dryer stands and tall stand alone dryer stands

There are quite a few reasons to get yourself a hair dryer stand. Some blow dryers can be quite heavy causing your arms to tire quickly while trying to blow out your hair (especially if you have longer hair). These stands also make styling easier because it allows you to use both hands for styling purposes. They are great for those who might suffer from conditions such as arthritis because they take the pressure off painful joints – but one of the best benefits of these stands is that they double as a blow dryer holder keeping your dryer always within easy reach.

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