Bathroom Shelves and Shelving

There is probably no better way to organize your bathroom than with creative shelving. Not only does it help keep your bathroom neat and organized, but it can also make the room look great.

Bathroom shelves come in all shapes and sizes. There are shelve stands that will fit over the toilet bowl if lack of space is an issue or the extremely popular “hotel” shelves that can be screwed right into the wall. Regular shelves (like the ones pictured to the left) are both beautiful and functional if you have the space, but little cubby shelves also work well for smaller areas. Then there are bathroom wall cabinets which can also double as towel racks.

Listed below are just some of the many bathroom shelves available.

Hotel Towel Shelves

Hotel Towel Shelves have become extremely popular recently due to the limited space they take up but the spa like feel they can bring to your bathroom. There are a variety of these shelves to choose from that range in size, color and the material they are made from so you are sure to find one that will match your bathroom decor perfectly. Some of these Hotel Towel Shelves (or Train Racks as they are also known) even come with hooks underneath which are perfect places to hang damp towels until they dry.

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Bathroom Cubby Shelves

Bathroom Cubby Shelf - Square Shelf

Cubby shelves are another unique way to go when it comes to bathroom storage. You can buy a cubby unit if you have a big enough wall, or separate squares to store items in smaller spaces. These shelves can hold items such as toilet paper, soap bars, candles, glass jars that hold items such as Q-tips or Cotton balls and so many other things. Another great thing about these cubby shelves is that most are made of wood so they can easily be spray painted to match any bathroom decor.

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Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Bathroom Wall Cabinets are great items for helping to get your bathroom organized. They are both attractive and functional. There are cabinets that feature cabinet doors that hide certain items away but also open shelves for items you want to display. Many even have an added towel rack. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors so you can find the perfect one for your own bathroom.

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Unique Two Tier Bathroom Shelves

Two Tiered Bathroom Shelf

Another popular choice when it comes to bathroom shelves are the unique two-tiered shelf units. Small enough to fit into most spaces, but offer enough room for needed items or pretty accessories you simply want to display.

There are also quite a few different models to choose from including, glass, chrome, metal, and acrylic bathroom shelf units.

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Over The Toilet Space Saver Shelf Units

Over The Toilet Space Saver Bathroom Self Unit

If lack of space is an issue when it comes to your bathroom, these space saver units are the perfect solution. They fit right over the toilet bowl and turn that useless empty space into an organizers dream.

Usually fitted with at least 4 shelves, they are the perfect place to store towels, bottles, cosmetics, toilet paper, glass jars and just about anything else you can think of, while taking up virtually no room from the rest of your bathroom.

There is a nice selection when it comes to these bathroom space savers as well, so you can easily find the one that fits your bathroom decor to perfection while providing the extra space that you need.

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