Bathroom Hooks

Bathroom Hooks are the perfect bathroom organizing accessory because they can be used in a variety of ways.

While typically bathroom hooks are used behind doors to hold items such as robes and towels, they can also be used in ways you have never considered before such as under your sink, inside your medicine cabinet or even placed on your walls to hold items such as blow driers, curling irons and a variety of other bathroom items you want to keep neat, yet handy.

Below are a great bunch of examples of how bathroom hooks can be just the miracle worker you have been looking for to get your bathroom neat and tidy.

Bathroom Hooks for The Medicine Cabinet

A creative way to use hooks in your medicine cabinet without putting holes in your wall is to use magnets.

Flat magnetic sheets can be easily placed on the back wall of your vanity or medicine cabinet leaving you the option to put your hooks anywhere you need them. They can also be easily rearranged or removed when you need to as well. There are other great magnetic items that you can use as well, such as the circular canisters shown in the picture which are great for holding items such as hair bands.

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Bathroom Hooks for Under The Sink

When it comes to organizing under the bathroom sink – do not let all that closet door space go to waste. There are a couple of different bathroom hook ideas that you can use to store items such as blow dryers, curling irons, cosmetics and other items you use daily.

You can use the magnetic idea mentioned above and simply place an adhesive magnetic sheet with magnetic hooks for your items directly on the cabinet doors or you use self adhesive hooks such as the ones designed by 3M. There are also bathroom organizers that you can hang directly on the door with overhanging metal hooks or hook strips that can hold 3 or 4 items at a time.

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Bathroom Towel Hooks

unique tree towel hook

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing towel hooks for your bathroom. There are towel hooks that go behind the door, on the wall, stand alone towel display stands and even towels hooks that go over the shower door.

You can get towel hooks that purposely match your bathroom decor or more universal hooks that do not need to be changed when your bathroom decor does. There are other ways you can display your towels as well as keep them handy such as Bathroom Shelves, Bathroom Cubby Boxes or even stack them prettily on a Toilet Bowl Stand.

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Bathrobe Hooks

When it comes to neatly storing bathrobes, there are a variety of bathrobe hooks to choose from. There are bathrobe hooks that can be placed behind the door, or hooks that will slip right over the door frame. You can display each family members bathrobes on the wall on separate hooks or on a small hook rack that is attached to the wall or there are even stand alone bathrobe racks if you have the extra room in your bathroom. Any of these hook ideas work well for keeping bathrobes neat, orderly and handy.

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